Large ASD Closure with PAH Performed Successfully at Chandan Hospital

First, let’s understand the ASD condition as it is one of the commonly found congenital heart diseases in adults. ASD is short for Atrial Septal Defect and the most widespread form of treatment accepted throughout the world is transcatheter closure. However, patients with Atrial Septal Defect with Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension (PAH) have a critical condition. To treat them, you need to analyze closely the exact condition of the patient. In recent time, Doctor Vishal Srivastava of Chandan Hospital looked into the similar heart condition of a patient Noor Jahan.  

She was suffering from large OS-ASD since her birth with PAH. This heart condition was taking a high toll on her health as she has a lean body structure with a growing condition of Dyspnea. Dyspnea is a condition in which a person has to fight for breath or has shortness of breath. It is also said to be a condition of air hunger. She was lucky to have it got diagnosed at an optimum time to get it treated as this condition is not easily detected in most times. You can understand given her heart condition of large ASD with PAH and Dyspnea it was becoming serious. Her body was going through a great ordeal to survive it. 

When Dr Vishal Srivastava first checked her condition and after a series of tests diagnosed her heart condition of large ASD with PAH also Dyspnea on exertion associated with orthopnea and palpitation. He briefed her so she understands her exact condition that usually these defects are there from birth and its symptoms increases over time also that he can successfully treat it. He gave her the answer she was looking for as her condition was deteriorating at a faster rate. It was a challenge that he took along with team Chandan to treat her successfully and lead her down a path of a healthy life. The patient was soon operated by the popular treatment of bypass (CABG) surgery. After a day of the surgery, she was extubated and sent to ICU for extensive care. Afterwards, after proper care, she was discharged in a healthy state on the seventh day of the surgery.

It might be her journey she completed with the expert help of Team Chandan. As earlier mentioned, it is one of the most commonly found conditions of the heart and many people are still suffering trying to find the right healthcare facility to get it treated. We are proud to be a super-specialist hospital in Lucknow providing you with almost every facility, technology and medical expertise available at your disposal.

Doctors Comments: The patient was very thin built and low weight. She has also had Dyspnea on exertion associated with orthopnea and palpitation. Normally these types of defects are present from birth and symptoms slowly increasing, but this can be treated in later stages as well. The patient came to us in OPD for consultation. Seeing her reports and condition team Chandan Hospital took this challenge. Because of our efficient and dedicated team which was committed to serve our social responsibility. We performed the surgery and were delighted with the patient’s fast recovery.

Patient Testimonial: I was a low weight, thin built and had gradually developed Dyspnea. On further diagnosis, I came to know that I had a large PHT. Then one of my relatives suggested me to visit Chandan Hospital. When I visited the hospital, everybody was very cooperative which raised my confidence and the doctor in this organization is considerate. I have been in the institution where the entire staff team members are great and I have been operated and discharged in eight days of stay.

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