Severe Road Accident Injury in Liver Operated with Laparoscopic Left Lateral Hepatectomy @ Chandan

Accidental injuries can occur at home or outside that too at times it is so grave that you need to go through a series of procedures and medication to reach normalcy. The term “accidental injuries” is itself indicates that it is all kinds of injuries that occur due to an abrupt, unexpected and ill-fated incident. It can be burns, bites, falls, road accidents, drowning, falls and stings etc. For instance, you can fall from stairs injuring your back or slipped and hit a sturdy object causing internal or external bleeding. Such incidents are traumatic and fatal to some. At times incidents such as an accident while enjoying an adventurous activity of sports or drunk driving are also a few examples when accidents occur.

Accidents are an unforeseen incident that can occur at any time and is one of the frightening causes of demise. Any person, who suffers grave physical harm or damage inflicted due to an accident causing an overwhelming outcome affecting his/her life in numerous contexts such as physical pain, emotional trauma and financial crisis.

Road accidents result in slight injuries to gruesome injuries to life-threatening cases are observed. Mostly such accidental cases with injuries are rushed to a closest possible emergency available. Emergency departments in hospitals are equipped to deal with such incidents at hand. Such a case of road accident was rushed to Chandan Hospital Emergency (ER) of a young boy, Sunny a B. Pharma student of Babu Banarsi Das, who was in a state of shock when admitted. He was seriously injured in the road accident, which caused him a blunt trauma in the abdominal region & liver laceration.

His case was transferred to Dr Alankar, Department of Gastro-Liver & Biliary Sciences. Dr Alankar accessed the condition of the boy and advised him to go through “laparoscopic left lateral hepatectomy”.

Laparoscopic surgeries are also known as MIS (minimally invasive surgery) or keyhole surgery. This kind of surgery enables the surgeon to reach inside the abdominal wall without a requirement of a larger incision. An instrument smaller in size used during a laparoscopic procedure is called laparoscope. It is a small tube with a camera and a source of light providing the surgeon images of the inside on a television monitor. It is one of the most opted surgery as through this swift recovery is possible. Hepatectomy is a surgical procedure to remove whole or partial parts of the liver, which is termed as resection.

Dr Alankar performed the laparoscopic left lateral hepatectomy, which was performed under general anaesthesia. The patient was asleep during the entire procedure and did not feel even the slightest pain. Very minute incisions are made in the abdomen wall through which Dr Alankar gained access through laparotomy to the organ. The procedure was successful and the patient was admitted for ten more days to be observed. During his stay in the hospital, his condition recovered and was discharged in a healthy condition, with advice to be on bed rest for at least ten more days. The patient is currently back to his home town Delhi with his parents.

Patient Testimonial:

I met with an accident on Faizabad road and was rushed to the nearby emergency of Chandan Hospital. The accident happened suddenly and I can only recollect the exact incident in bits. It was a horrifying moment as soon as I was hit, I could only remember the bleeding and intense pain in the abdominal region. I passed out due to the intense pain and when I gained consciousness I was under primary care in the ER. As my wounds were very serious, I was transferred to Dr Alankar for consultation and assessment. As my liver was hurt, he suggested for laparoscopic left lateral hepatectomy. I went under the procedure and recovered swiftly. The staff at Chandan hospital was caring and I am grateful to Dr Alankar.

Doctors Assessment:

The patient was in intense trauma and seriously injured when he reached the Emergency at Chandan Hospital Lucknow. I was called to assess the patient’s condition as he had blunt abdominal trauma & liver laceration. To heal him from the internal injury in the liver, I recommended laparoscopic left lateral hepatectomy. It was a minimally invasive surgery and the patient swiftly recovered within the ten days of hospital stay to be observed.

Head Injury Treatment in Lucknow @Chandan Hospital

Head injuries are one of the most common causes of disability and death in humans. The injury can be as mild as a bump, bruise (contusion), or cut on the head, or can be moderate to severe in nature due to a concussion, deep cut or open wound, fractured skull bones, or from internal bleeding and damage to the brain.
There are many causes of head injury in children and adults. The most common traumatic injuries are from motor vehicle accidents (automobiles, motorcycles, or struck as a pedestrian), from violence, from falls, or as a result of child abuse. Subdural hematomas and brain hemorrhages (called intraparenchymal hemorrhages) can sometimes happen spontaneously.
When there is a direct blow to the head, the bruising of the brain and the damage to the internal tissue and blood vessels is due to a mechanism called coup-countercoup. A bruise directly related to trauma, at the site of impact, is called a coup (pronounced COO) lesion. As the brain jolts backward, it can hit the skull on the opposite side and cause a bruise called a counter coup lesion. The jarring of the brain against the sides of the skull can cause shearing (tearing) of the internal lining, tissues, and blood vessels that may cause internal bleeding, bruising, or swelling of the brain.

The patient was rushed in Emergency at Chandan Hospital, Lucknow; he was bleeding from his forehead and was in an unconscious state. The emergency staff responded quickly and discovered head injury with exposed RT frontal brain and communicated frontal bone fracture. They also did some further investigation and figured out that the patient’s right pupil dilated & non-reactive and left pupil was pinpoint non-reactive.
Further, test like CT scan was performed on the patient to determine the extent of his head injuries. Following were the findings:

• Comminuted fracture frontoparietal bone with anterior body defect.
• Multiple hyperdense areas with hypodensities are seen in bilateral frontal and right parietal.
• Gangliocapsular region was suggestive of hemorrhagic contusions.
• Multiple air pockets are also seen, sulci and fissures effaced with midline ship of approx 2.5mm.
• Both cerebral hemisphere and brain stem are normal in position and appearance.

The patient underwent surgery, under general anesthesia with bicoronal incision, removal of all contused and exposed RT frontal lobe was done with the elevation of depressed fracture and removal of exposed bone chips. Dr. Mohd Iqbal did fixation of multiple fractured segments of skull bone with miniplate and screws. Alignment of the right upper orbital rim was also performed. Fractures involving frontal bone are rather uncommon. Injuries to this bone are rather critical because of its proximity to the brain. Due to excellent treatment, timely visits, and regular monitoring, the patient recovered successfully without any further complications.

“He was unconscious and his forehead was bleeding very badly. We were dismantled by this situation and got worried, so we rushed immediately to Chandan Hospital where emergency staff quickly responded and made his condition stable. He has undergone surgery and by God’s grace, he has recovered back. It is not less than a miracle. We thank Dr. Mohd Iqbal for his excellent treatment. His timely visits and regular monitoring really helped us to take him back home. We wish Chandan Hospital continues rendering such good quality of treatment.” Best Hospital in Lucknow
~ Patient’s Family Member

Erectile Dysfunction in a 60-year-old male (Married)

Erectile Dysfunction

Abstract Erectile dysfunction (ED) is the inability to get or keep an erection firm enough to have sexual intercourse. It’s also sometimes referred to as impotence. Occasional ED isn’t uncommon. Many men experience it during times of stress. Frequent ED can be a sign of health problems that need to be treated. It can also be a sign of emotional or relationship difficulties that may need to be addressed by a professional. Here, we report a case of erectile dysfunction in a 60-year-old male who is married. He had been suffering from ED since 10 years. The patient was very disturbed mentally and physically due to which he was seeping into the depression as this disorder was affecting not just him but his relationship too. He and his wife were about to get separated and were unhappy that led to martial disorder.

1. Introduction Erectile dysfunction, commonly known as impotence is the inability to get and keep an erection firm enough for intercourse. Having erection trouble from time to time isn’t necessarily a cause for concern. If erectile dysfunction is an ongoing issue, however, it can cause stress, affect one’s self-confidence and contribute to relationship problems. Problems getting or keeping an erection can also be a sign of an underlying health condition that needs treatment and a risk factor for heart disease. Male sexual arousal is a complex process that involves the brain, hormones, emotions, nerves, muscles and blood vessels. Erectile dysfunction can result from a problem with any of these. Likewise, stress and mental health concerns can cause or worsen erectile dysfunction. Sometimes a combination of physical and psychological issues causes erectile dysfunction. For instance, a minor physical condition that slows one’s sexual response might cause anxiety about maintaining an erection. The resulting anxiety can lead to or aggravate erectile dysfunction. This case is of a 60 year old male (married) patient who had erectile dysfunction from last 20 years; ED was not responding to proper conservative management.

2. Case History A 60-year-old male patient (married) reported to Chandan Hospital, Lucknow, India, with the chief complaint of erectile dysfunction from last 10 years. On general examination, the patient was very disturbed mentally and physically. Before being treated at Chandan hospital the patient visited many psychologists and had various counseling sessions to cure this treatment, but he was neither comforted nor assured about his condition. Due to which he was depressed as this disorder was affecting not just him but his relationship too. A provisional diagnosis of erectile dysfunction was given based on the clinical findings, as well as after asking the patient about sexual orientation, emotional status, sexual arousal and desire, quality of erections, duration of symptoms, early morning erections, lifestyle and previous treatment.

3. Management At Chandan Hospital a 60 year old male (married), was diagnosed as having erectile dysfunction. Prior coming to Chandan Hospital The patient was worried, unhappy, anxious and nervous, mentally and physically which led to depression as this disorder was affecting not just him but his relationship as well. Moreover, his wife was unhappy and about to separate, that led to other martial issues. The patient was suffering with erectile dysfunction for the last 10 years. After getting disheartened he was presented to Chandan Hospital. Here Dr Manmeet Singh did successful treatment known to be, 3 Piece Inflatable Penile Prosthesis Implant. Initially, patient’s diagnosis (ED) was not responding to proper conservative management. Chandan hospital is equipped with excellent facilities and consultations. All patients suffering from ED who are taking non scientific treatment from various medical /non medical professional are benefited with proper treatment selection after gaining knowledge about patient’s sexual orientation, emotional status, sexual arousal and desire, quality of erections, duration of symptoms, early morning erections, lifestyle and previous treatments. The services of Chandan Hospital under Dr Manmeet Singh are candidly satisfactory and post treatment of carrying out the penile implant prosthesis the physical and prostate examination is normal, the patient is very satisfied because of very good erectile response.

4. Testimony “I was very much depressed, was completely dismantled. I started thinking my life as hell as my beautiful relationship with my wife was about to ruined. I visited many psychologists and had various counseling sessions to cure this treatment. I decided to cut off from the society, friends but I didn’t wanted to get my beautiful bond of marriage which lasted for years to get shattered. So I decided not to give up and undergone treatment at chandan hospital under Dr Manmeet Singh. The hospital is equipped with excellent facilities and provided me the best treatment during my course of stay. The doctor is very much friendly and understanding on very first consultation all my anxieties and worries got over.  Today I am living a very happy married life and satisfied sexual life, Chandan Hospital in Lucknow not only treated my disorder but also saved my beautiful bond of marriage last but not the least Dr Manmeet Singh because of whom I am able to live normal as well as socially organized life.”