Knee Replacement Surgery In Lucknow : Chandan Hospital

New Life to a 77-year-old patient by Total Knee Replacement Mr. S.K Verma, a 77-year-old male presented with chronic knee pain for 10-12 yrs. He had developed deformity of both knees and his quality of life had deteriorated to the confines of his home. He had tried all modules of treatment like sandhisuddha, brace, holistic etc but had to take medications for pain relief. When he arrived at the Chandan hospital the doctor after initial consultation advised him to go for surgery of both knees one at a time. Surgery was mandated as the risk of surgery increased with increase in age. He was operated and was made to stand on the third day of post-operation. His pre-operation and post-operation physiotherapy continued in our hospital, and he achieved a range of motion of known from 0 degrees to 90 degrees within 4 days. He could use the commode on 4th day of post-surgery and walk with the help of a walker. The patient was discharged on the fifth day of post-operation on modules and physiotherapy.