Large ASD Closure with PAH Performed Successfully at Chandan Hospital

First, let’s understand the ASD condition as it is one of the commonly found congenital heart diseases in adults. ASD is short for Atrial Septal Defect and the most widespread form of treatment accepted throughout the world is transcatheter closure. However, patients with Atrial Septal Defect with Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension (PAH) have a critical condition. To treat them, you need to analyze closely the exact condition of the patient. In recent time, Doctor Vishal Srivastava of Chandan Hospital looked into the similar heart condition of a patient Noor Jahan.  

She was suffering from large OS-ASD since her birth with PAH. This heart condition was taking a high toll on her health as she has a lean body structure with a growing condition of Dyspnea. Dyspnea is a condition in which a person has to fight for breath or has shortness of breath. It is also said to be a condition of air hunger. She was lucky to have it got diagnosed at an optimum time to get it treated as this condition is not easily detected in most times. You can understand given her heart condition of large ASD with PAH and Dyspnea it was becoming serious. Her body was going through a great ordeal to survive it. 

When Dr Vishal Srivastava first checked her condition and after a series of tests diagnosed her heart condition of large ASD with PAH also Dyspnea on exertion associated with orthopnea and palpitation. He briefed her so she understands her exact condition that usually these defects are there from birth and its symptoms increases over time also that he can successfully treat it. He gave her the answer she was looking for as her condition was deteriorating at a faster rate. It was a challenge that he took along with team Chandan to treat her successfully and lead her down a path of a healthy life. The patient was soon operated by the popular treatment of bypass (CABG) surgery. After a day of the surgery, she was extubated and sent to ICU for extensive care. Afterwards, after proper care, she was discharged in a healthy state on the seventh day of the surgery.

It might be her journey she completed with the expert help of Team Chandan. As earlier mentioned, it is one of the most commonly found conditions of the heart and many people are still suffering trying to find the right healthcare facility to get it treated. We are proud to be a super-specialist hospital in Lucknow providing you with almost every facility, technology and medical expertise available at your disposal.

Doctors Comments: The patient was very thin built and low weight. She has also had Dyspnea on exertion associated with orthopnea and palpitation. Normally these types of defects are present from birth and symptoms slowly increasing, but this can be treated in later stages as well. The patient came to us in OPD for consultation. Seeing her reports and condition team Chandan Hospital took this challenge. Because of our efficient and dedicated team which was committed to serve our social responsibility. We performed the surgery and were delighted with the patient’s fast recovery.

Patient Testimonial: I was a low weight, thin built and had gradually developed Dyspnea. On further diagnosis, I came to know that I had a large PHT. Then one of my relatives suggested me to visit Chandan Hospital. When I visited the hospital, everybody was very cooperative which raised my confidence and the doctor in this organization is considerate. I have been in the institution where the entire staff team members are great and I have been operated and discharged in eight days of stay.

CAD Heart Patient with Serious Complications Successfully Treated at Chandan Hospital

In the past twenty-five years, you can observe the rapid rise of heart diseases cases in India which has increased by fifty per cent. Moreover, heart disease in India has also become one of the chief causes of death.  The above statements can be rectified through numerous studies conducted throughout the nation over the years which are Registrar General of India (RGI), the World Health Organization (WHO) report on noncommunicable diseases (NCDs), the Global Burden of Diseases, Injuries, and Risk Factors (GBD) study, Andhra Pradesh Rural Health Initiative (APRHI), Kerala-based Population Registry of Lifestyle Diseases (PROLIFE) study, the Mumbai Cohort Study (MCS), and the Prospective Urban and Rural Epidemiological (PURE) study reports.

CAD is among the commonly found heart conditions in India among adults. It can be understood as coronary artery disease and is caused due to the coronary arteries getting narrow restricting the flow of oxygen and blood to the heart. The process involved in the narrowing of the coronary arteries is known as atherosclerosis. The process happens when there is a build-up of cholesterol, fat, and other substances in the coronary arteries. The build-up is referred to as plaque which causes irritation and scarring in the arteries also making them thick and hard. This is a basic understanding of CAD condition now let’s explore what distress a patient goes through. Atherosclerosis restricts the passage of blood limiting its reach to heart muscles. Sadly, it is often detected in people when it is advanced and one of the symptoms would be angina (chest pain) or a heart attack. The reasons that can trigger this condition can due to family medical history, smoking, your age, unhealthy diet, a low level of physical activity and many other reasons. Your lifestyle choice of unhealthy living can also trigger this condition.

Chandan Hospital makes a point to serve the patients of CAD with extensive care and efficiency. By the above illustration of facts regarding CAD heart condition, you might be able to perceive a typical case of any patient. Dr Vishal Srivastava successfully treated a patient who was diagnosed with CAD with severe TVD (triple vessel disease) with LV (left ventricular) dysfunction (EF-45%) with type–II DM (diabetes mellitus) with CKD (chronic kidney disease) after his suggested tests. The patient’s name was Ram Ji who had a medium built of the body. He started to experience severe pains eight months back from his left shoulder and jaw along with sweating palpitation and anxiety. His primary diagnosis was exercised by a doctor in Allahabad confirming his condition with the recommendation of dialysis, Bypass surgery and intensive care. When he came to Chandan hospital and consulted with Dr Vishal Srivastava was relieved as he was provided with the best facility available with the best medical advice to alter his life for better. After assessing his physical condition with related reports he made an informed choice to go with beating heart Bypass (CABG) surgery. Moreover, the patient was spared an ordeal to go through dialysis also his extreme condition of such interrelated health condition was dealt gracefully and carefully.

The procedure was completed successfully and the patient was discharged on the eighth day. Team Chandan celebrated another brilliant win to see another patient recover from his critical condition and heading towards his healthy life. His condition was severe as he was suffering from CAD but also a triple vessel disease, left ventricular dysfunction, chronic kidney disease and type II diabetes. Our medical team had kept a lot of parameters in mind while operating him as with so many complications it was a difficult case to pursue. However, our undying spirit to serve our society in any medical distress provides us with the required brave attempts.

Doctors Statement:

The patient was thin with medium bone structure and low weight. His symptoms were recurring chest pains. He went to numerous healthcare institutes or facilities for Bypass (CABG) surgery. However, his case was very sensitive due to several other health conditions of LV Dysfunction, TVD, CKG and Type II DM became the reason that he was denied of the medical care that he required so much.  Moreover, his financial condition was not so great, restricting his options. When he came to us for consultation in OPD and after thoroughly reviewing his reports we decided to step in. Dr Vishal with his team resolved to provide him with the best medical care as per his condition and took the challenge head-on. Team Chandan is proud to be able to help him and lead him to the path of healthy living.

Patients Testimonial:

My troubles began when I started experiencing severe chest pains eight months back. The pain radiated from left shoulder and jaws along with anxiety, sweating, and palpitation. My initial consultation was performed at a local hospital in Allahabad. After a few tests, I was diagnosed with CAD with severe TVD with LV dysfunction (EF-45%) with type–II DM with CKD. I was recommended for Bypass surgery and dialysis. I was very troubled after this and in a discussion with a friend it came up. He suggested me to visit Chandan Hospital for the surgery as I was denied at many healthcare facilities due to numerous health issues. I am so glad I listened to my friend as this hospital was the answer to my ordeal.  They not only performed the surgery successfully but I also recovered in eight-day to resume my mundane life. They also made sure that I escaped dialysis without any complication. They provided extreme care and with their help, I can continue my life.