Mother gives life to her 18-year old Son!!

Kidney Transplant

What is Directed Donation?

A living-donor transplant is a surgical procedure to remove a kidney of a living person and place it in another person whose organ is no longer functioning properly. Individuals can donate one of their two kidneys, and the remaining kidney is able to perform the necessary functions.

The popularity of living-organ donation has increased dramatically in recent years as an alternative to deceased-organ donation due to the growing need for organs for transplantation and shortage of available deceased-donor organs.

Directed Donation is the most common type of living-donor organ donation. In this the donor directs the organ to a specific recipient for transplant. The donor may be a first-degree relative, such as a parent, brother, sister or adult child or other biologically related relatives such as uncles, aunts or cousins. He/she can also be a biologically-unrelated person who has a connection with the transplant candidate, such as a spouse or significant other, a friend, or a co-worker.

Why it’s done?

Compared with deceased-donor kidney transplant, living-donor kidney transplant offers these benefits:

  • Less time spent on a waiting list, which could prevent possible complications and deterioration of health
  • Potential avoidance of dialysis if it has not been initiated
  • Better short- and long-term survival rates
  • A pre-scheduled transplant once your donor is approved versus an unscheduled, emergency transplant procedure with a deceased donor
  • Living-donor kidneys almost always start working immediately after transplant compared with deceased-donor kidneys that can have delayed function

Success Story at Chandan Hospital

Patient Mr. Shubham Verma(aged 18 years) was brought to Dr. Sant Kumar Pandey (Director, Chandan Institute of Nephrology, Urology and Kidney Transplant) with the issue of Kidney Problems as diagnosed in another hospital. Dr. Pandey performed certain tests and confirmed the case of Renal Failure.

The patient’s past diagnosis revealed that he was suffering from chronic kidney disease (CKD) stage 5 for the last 4 years and suffered with High Blood Pressure as well. He was on maintenance dialysis for the last few years and was in need for quick Nephrological help. He was also admitted in a hospital due to SEIZURE on 1/1/2020 which could have been due to the Renal Problems. His attendants also informed that he had Focal segmental glomerulosclerosis (FSGS) – which can be a leading cause of kidney failure

Dr. Sant advised him to undergo the transplant and asked him to consult Dr. Manmeet Singh (Director, Chandan Institute of Nephrology, Urology and Kidney Transplant) for the same. With the assistance of Dr. Priyabrata Das (Sr Consultant, Chandan Institute of Nephrology, Urology and Kidney Transplant) & Dr. Venkatesh Thammishetti (Consultant, Chandan Institute of Nephrology, Urology and Kidney Transplant), Dr. Manmeet performed the surgery using the living – Laproscopic Donor nephrectomy technique on the 7th of February to ensure that the donor does not face any post-surgery problems and regains her strength quickly.

The donor, Mrs. Saraswati, the patient’s mother was more than happy to help her son. It requires a tremendous amount of will power to perform such a selfless act and who better than a mother would be able to do so.

Shubham was kept under observation with the Kidney Transplant Unit and his vitals were checked regularly. He suffered a mild case of accelerated hypertension in post-operative period which was managed conservatively. His serum creatinine was observed to be under control. He was discharged on 17th of February in stable condition and was advised to visit the doctor regularly.

His mother also recovered quickly after the surgery. And was discharged on the 10th of February since her condition was stable.


18-year old about to receive a gift of Life

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