A New Organ….A New Life!!!

Kidney Transplant Surgey

Using Living Laproscopic Donor Nephrectomy

What is Kidney Transplant and when is it needed?

It is generally performed for treatment of kidney failure, or the kidney’s functionality is not working properly. Hence, it is removed and replaced with a kidney from a donor. Since the 1950s kidney transplants are performed and have been a lifesaving option for numerous individuals with CKD (chronic kidney disease), also referred to as kidney renal failure. 

A successful kidney transplant may allow you to live the kind of life you were living before you got kidney disease. Studies show that people with kidney transplants live longer than those who remain on dialysis.

Like any other surgery, there are some risks involved. One needs to take anti-rejection medicines for as long as your new kidney is working, which can have side effects. 

What is Dialysis?

Dialysis is a treatment for people who have a condition of failed kidneys. This treatment mechanically separates waste that is building up in the body’s bloodstream then eradicating the waste material from the body and sustaining the life.

Our Success Story

Last year, Mr. Muhammad Imaran consulted Dr. Sant Kumar Pandey (Director, Chandan Institute of Nephrology, Urology and Kidney Transplant) for issues pertaining to his kidney. After a few tests, he was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease (CKD). For the last one year, he was on maintenance dialysis for thrice a week.

Imaran was in need for a Kidney Transplant, hence, Dr Sant advised him to go through with it. The donor, the patient’s sister volunteered to step in and save her brother’s life. Dr. Manmeet Singh (Director, Chandan Institute of Nephrology, Urology and Kidney Transplant) with the assistance of Dr. Priyabrata Das (Sr Consultant, Chandan Institute of Nephrology, Urology and Kidney Transplant) performed the surgery using the living – Laproscopic Donor nephrectomy technique.

A live-related kidney donor is the need of the hour and hence to promote its benefits, we need to keep in mind that the donor does not face much discomfort. Hence, we undertake the living-donor laparoscopic nephrectomy. In this surgery, the surgeon uses a laparoscope to view the internal organs and guide the procedure to minimise scarring and recovery time for the donor. The kidney is removed through a small incision below the bellybutton and transplanted into the recipient. This helps to maintain the donor’s body strength and quickens recovery.

Imaran was kept under observation with the dedicated team of Kidney Transplant Unit and his vitals were checked regularly. The drain was removed on the 2nd day of the surgery and the catheter was removed on the 5th day. His creatinine levels were normal since the 1st day of the surgery and he was discharged on the 7th day. His sister, Reshma, also recovered soon after the surgery.


I was suffering from long-term kidney failure and was undergoing dialysis thrice a week for the last 1 year. My doctor advised that my body is still healthy and have an option to go through the kidney transplant. The staff at Chandan hospital was caring and offered the best healthcare facility available on the premises.

Patient Mohammad Imaram

Sister Saves Brother’s Life

I came forward to help my brother in the time of his need. I had seen him suffer for the last 1 year and was anxious to help him out. The doctors provided the option of a kidney transplant, and I turned out to be a perfect match for it. The entire team at Chandan Hospital is very well equipped to handle any situation. They took great care of us and helped us recover.

Donor Reshma (Patient’s Sister)

Kidney Transplant Team at Chandan Hospital
Donor and Recipient with Chandan Team

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