Defeating Brain Tumor

What is a Brain Tumor?

A brain tumor is an abnormal growth of tissue in the brain or central spine that can disrupt the normal functioning of the brain. All brain tumors can grow to damage areas of normal brain tissue if left untreated, which could be disabling and possibly fatal. B

How to diagnose Brain Tumor?

As part of the diagnosis, a doctor will measure nervous system functions, physical and mental alertness, and examine the brain functions from reflexes to judgment, smell and taste. If responses are not normal, a brain scan will be ordered, or the patient will be referred to a neurologist or neurosurgical oncologist for more tests. A scan is the first step to identify if a brain tumor is present, and to locate exactly where it is growing.

Case Study

The patient (male) was admitted at Chandan Hospital Lucknow in a state of unconsciousness, pain and weakness. Prior to treatment/surgery by Dr. Mohammad Iqbal (Neurosurgeon), the patient was unable to obey commands and respond normally. The patient was diagnosed with brain tumor.

Dr. Iqbal performed the surgery with the help of well equipped facility for neuro surgery, at Chandan Hospital. The patient’s main complaint was of not being able to obey commands and respond normally. After successful surgery and treatment (post op) the patient was cured (100%) and is fully satisfied with his surgery and treatment.

Patient Testimonial

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