Hemangioma Treatment of the Tongue

Abstract Vascular anomalies include a wide range of tumors and malformations. Among vascular anomalies, hemangioma is the most common. Hemangioma is considered as hamartomatous lesion, and half of these have predilection for head and neck region, but rarely seen in the oral cavity. Here, we report a case of hemangioma tounge in a 24-year-old female, which appeared localized well defined, bluish red lesion on right side of tongue on its lateral borders, on intra-oral examination. A well-defined homogeneously hyperechoic space occupying lesion (measuring = 2 cm × 1 cm) seen on further diagnosis, which confirms its vascular nature and as a case of hemangioma tounge.

1. Introduction Hemangioma (Greek: Haima-blood; angeion vessel, omatumor) by definition can be defined as “a benign tumor of dilated blood vessels.” Hemangioma of head and neck appear a few weeks after birth and they grow rapidly. It is also known as port-wine stain, strawberry hemangioma, and Salmon patch. They are characterized by hyperplasia of blood vessels, usually veins and capillaries, in a focal area of submucosal connective tissue. It is almost never encapsulated. Whether this condition is a neoplastic or reactive state is uncertain; a reactive cause is favored. Few of the reactive causes are, namely, hormonal changes, infections, and trauma. Clinically they may manifest as firm, pulsatile, warm masses and the venous malformations appear first in early childhood and clinically manifest as soft and easily compressible mass. According to the classification given by Mulliken and Glovacki in 1982, are divided the vascular deformities, into 2 groups: hemangiomas and the vascular malformations. The hemangiomas can also be classified depending on the vessel type involved or flow types such as the arterial and arteriovenous (high flow) type, capillary or venous (low flow) type. This case is of a female patient who had bluish red colored lesion on her tongue for the last 20 years; the lesion was gradual in onset and associated with bleeding often with pain while chewing, which was diagnosed as hemangioma tounge.

2. Case History A 24-year-old female patient reported to Chandan Hospital, Lucknow, India, with the chief complaint of bluish-red lesion on right side of tongue on its lateral borders, of size 2*1 cm. There was a history of associated pain or bleeding from the site. On general examination, the patient was normally built for her age with no defect in stature or gait. No relevant medical history was observed. On examination, there was a growth measuring about 2 cm × 1 cm, which was red in colour with a bluish hue present at the right lateral border of the tongue which appeared to be sessile with no underlying attachment or relation with the muscles. A provisional diagnosis of hemangioma tounge was given based on the clinical findings.

3. Management At Chandan Hospital a 24 year old female, Sehnaz was diagnosed as having Hemangioma tounge. Prior coming to Chandan Hospital the patient had several unsuccessful attempts to treat a bluish-red lesion on right side of tongue on its lateral borders, of size 2*1 cm. However, she did not get any relief even after getting treatment by some local practitioners. The patient complained of bluish red colored lesion on her tongue for the last 20 years, the lesion was gradual in onset and associated with bleeding often with pain while chewing as well. After getting downhearted and discouraged by prior treatments she was presented at Chandan Hospital. Here Dr Priyanjal Gautam did successful treatment known as Intralesional Injection Therapy via Sclerosing agent. Patient was given 5 intralesional injection therapy of sclerosing agent in OPD after 15 days. The recovery rate of the patient was 100% after treatment at Chandan Hospital. Dr Priyanjal Gautam did a great job with the follow up as well; and post treatment there is absence of hemangioma tongue on right side and there are no complaints of patient. Patient’s tongue is normal. Patient is extremely satisfied and grateful to Chandan Hospital(Best Hospital in Lucknow) for giving her efficient treatment and successfully curing her diagnosis of hemangioma tounge. The services of Chandan Hospital under Dr Priyanjal Gautam are candidly satisfactory and the patient is thankful to him for his excellent contribution.

4. Testimony “From the minute I arrived at Chandan Hospital, I was treated with at most empathy, kindness and respect. I have nothing but praise for the cure I received as a patient here. I think that there is some divine intervention that the problem I was facing from the last 20 years is cured with the highly appreciated care, encouragement, support positive reinforcement, kindness and respect that received at Chandan Hospital~ Sehnaz (Patient)

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