Ghost of Dead Woman

I have been witnessing the ghost of a”Dead Woman”. At the age of 8, it surprised me I got disturbed as my final exams were coming closer. Before my exams around two or three months earlier, I started seeing the ghost of a dead woman (probably my neighbour) who always threatened me, controlled me and took my speech away momentarily which made me lose my consciousness and I got fainted.

 My parents took me to faith healers, they tried their best but I didn’t get any results. Later on, my parents consulted many psychiatrists in Lucknow and as well as outside Lucknow but unfortunately that landed no result. I was drowning into depression and I stopped going to school.

At lastly, I didn’t lose hope, I visited Chandan hospital. I was very well examined and thoroughly evaluated and examined. I am very thankful for Dr Isha Sharma for her great support and motivation that fetched the cause of my hallucination which was “fear of exams”.

 I was very well accommodated by Chandan hospital in Lucknow, during my treatment I was completely understood and counseled by Dr Isha Sharma. She answered all my queries and always motivated me to gather my self-control.

 It was only Dr Isha Sharma that made me brave enough to face this situation and my condition got improved day by day, and I was progressing, and I was completely fine in a month.

 I am very thankful to Chandan hospital for giving me the best doctor and treatment in Lucknow, even my parents didn’t believe at the end they said “it worked like a magic”.

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